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SG Cantonese Dubbing Course

Dubbing work is both interesting and challenging. How do you use your voice to meet various types of voice acting work? As long as you have enough training and patience, you can become a professional voice actor. Through comprehensive dubbing training, we strive to identify potential students and discover a new generation for the voice acting industry.

Course content
Master the use of voice and learn how to coordinate "breathing, vocal resonance system, emotion and voice modification, articulation and correcting "lazy sounds".
Various types include animation dubbing, drama dubbing, commercial and narration dubbing training, etc.

Professional guides and teachers from our recording studio will carefully observe and follow up the progress of each student, so that there is room for improvement and development.

A way out for students

Students who complete the course will receive certificates

Students with outstanding performance will be directly selected to participate in dubbing work in this dubbing studio

Class location

Room D, 10/F, Luk Hop Industrial Building, 8 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon

Quota: 8-11 people, group teaching


Course objects:

Provides those who are interested in dubbing or aspiring to enter the industry with a preliminary understanding of the industry and various dubbing techniques.

Course Introduction:

Start from scratch and learn step by step so that you can understand the voice acting industry and master the basic skills of a voice actor.


2024_01B_Class Date:

Starting from March 24, 2024, every Sunday
(24/3, 7/4, 14/4, 21/4, 28/4, 5/5)

Class time: 1100-1330 (2.5 hours per class/6 classes in total)

Full tuition fee: $2800 (15 hours in total)

Course Instructor: Ms. Liang Shaoxia Shaoxia


2024_02B_Class date:

Starting from April 5, 2024, every Friday
(5/4, 12/4, 19/4, 26/4, 3/5, 10/5)

Class time: 1900-2130 (2.5 hours per class/6 classes in total)

Full tuition fee: $2800 (15 hours in total)

Guangdong Expressway Advanced Practical Class

Course objects:

For those who have already taken dubbing courses or are already familiar with dubbing, they can further strengthen their skills training and make their foundation more solid.

Course Introduction:

Strengthen practice in different types of voice fields through practical work to prepare you for becoming a professional voice actor.

Class date to be determined

Students' voices

The SG dubbing class is mainly based on practical exercises. Under the guidance of the teacher, new attempts and exercises are constantly made.

I quickly got used to the atmosphere in the recording studio and mastered dubbing skills step by step.

The most important thing is that you can have fun and learn while playing. The teacher is a nice person, and he is very thoughtful in teaching us.

It also gave us many opportunities to do internships and see many professional voice actors at work. You can also meet a group of like-minded friends and play and study together, which is happy and fulfilling!

Wen Haonan

The SG dubbing course is interesting and practical. The materials cover animation, Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, American dramas, etc. It also teaches many dubbing skills, such as articulation, breathing, voice use, and drama sense development, etc., and has benefited a lot.


The studio and instructors are also very willing to provide opportunities for newcomers and students to try out. There are many opportunities to mic, and they can even participate in dubbing for animations and movies, allowing students to practice and enrich their experience. Students who perform well will also be given the opportunity to audition and have a taste of dubbing. Member taste.


The instructor Alex is serious, professional and attentive in teaching. He also provides playback to students for reference after each class, so that students can learn on their own outside of class. During class, the teacher is very patient, has specific opinions, accurate guidance, and a friendly attitude, making it easier for students to master dubbing skills when they enter the factory. 😁


I hope to have the opportunity to be taught by the teacher again in the future

Paris Hui

I enrolled in SG Production’s intermediate dubbing class in 2019. The instructor is Mr. He Weicheng.


Teacher He teaches with great care, for sure:

(1) Carefully select and prepare different types of classroom materials, such as TV series, animations, advertisements, etc.

(2) Writing a manuscript

(3) Allocation of dubbing parts in advance

(4) Take classes in the dubbing room with students, listen carefully to each student's performance, and then give feedback so that everyone can improve their practice time.

(5) The teacher imitates the process of formal dubbing work

(6) Be very patient with students


In addition, the classroom is a professional dubbing studio and is spacious!


I look forward to taking the advanced class taught by Teacher He again!

Huang Zhongwen

I have completed the beginner, intermediate and advanced dubbing classes. I am very happy that I can learn many dubbing methods through practical dubbing exercises in each class.

and skills, such as how to use breathing, tone, voice and voice transitions, etc., to suit different types of programs, ages, and roles.

Sound that fits.

Alex, our dubbing instructor, is highly qualified and experienced. He listened carefully to our exercises in class and corrected our mistakes immediately.

They also help us improve our shortcomings and are willing to give impromptu demonstrations when we have questions, so that we can learn from them and benefit a lot.


This is the second time I have participated in SG's matching course. I am also very happy to be able to bury my ears quickly and master the skills in actual combat. Also through visiting movies

After gaining experience in professional dubbing production and understanding the actual operation of the industry, I was not so nervous when I first tried to work as a formal voice-over operator. It was like

When you go to court, feel free to express yourself. I am very grateful to the instructors and production staff for their patience in supporting our learning.


In 2019~ I signed up for the intermediate and advanced dubbing courses at SG Production, and my teacher was Alex He Weicheng. Courses except for majors

In addition to classes in the recording studio, the teaching materials are very substantial and rich. The teachers deserve the most credit, and in terms of guidance to students,

The teacher is very patient in teaching and will also personally demonstrate dubbing techniques to make it easier for students to grasp the key points and fun of dubbing.  


Sincerely thank you teacher for your teaching❤️🙏🏻


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